Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Grab: 05.01

What?? What do you mean Harry Kewell's not available?!

It's nice to see Rafa Benitez join in the fun, as he needles Jose Mourinho for the very thing the Spainard is criticized for, Claudio Ranieri-itis. [Times Online]

Apparently, the EPL is where to go for a bargain (or even better, the Championship), considering the former Thai PM who tried to buy Liverpool may get the Citizens for under $300M (that's 5.5 Andriy Shevchenkos). [Guardian Unlimited]

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood puts down his sherry, straightens his ascot, and demeans himself by tut-tuting with "Silent" Stan Kroenke over his 12.19% ownership of the Gunners.
[EU Football Biz]

Captain Three Lions John Terry fancies his chance at running one of the richest clubs in the world after he's done throwing his face at shots on goal. [The Sun]

When will Joey Barton learn? First, he puts uses a reserve team player's face as an ashtray, and now this (with countless other incidents in between). Banning him from playing the last games of the season seems more like a reward than a punishment. [BBC Sport]


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