Monday, April 30, 2007

The Grab: 04.30

What're you complaining about? $7M per goal is a deal!!!!

But isn't that why you bought the guy? It looks like Jose's britches are now officially a size too small, even after the pseudo-patching up where the two awkwardly hugged a few weeks ago. No Sheva and the return of Arjen Robben should make yet another Reds-Blues matchup a bit more interesting (No, not really). [Independent]

What a long and painful way to fall. Leeds United now fully resemble the goldfish that flipped out of the bowl, gasping and flitting about in a panic. To further exemplify the gulf between the Prem and the rest of the them, it looks like the extent of Leeds' debt is only $40M, with few assets, however. [The Sun]

Becks Watch: It's nice to know the Beckham's new digs perfectly match his new Aryan hairstyle. Cor, luv, much bettah than Mahbella, but not as subtle as the house his pal Gary "son of Neville" Neville is building. [Kickette, The Offside, Daily Mail]


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