Friday, May 04, 2007

England Is Falling Apart

No, I'm not talking about the national team, though a bad result against Estonia could lead to something drastic. I mean that, literally, England is crumbling into the North Sea. To be more specific, East Anglia is the area in question. The government's take on this: you're on your own.
The government has stopped maintaining large parts of the network of seawalls that once protected the area. Under a new policy that scientists have labeled "managed retreat," governments around the globe are concluding that it is not worth taxpayer money to fight every inevitable effect of climate change. [Under this] policy, farms, nature preserves and villages are surrendered to the sea.
What happens when the water's edge is on the doorstep of Norwich City's Carrow Road? Maybe Al Gore could fly in and put on a benefit concert.

As the Climate Changes, Bits of England’s Coast Crumble [New York Times]


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