Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Grab: 04.26

Achtung!!! I'm the German number one, Willy!!!
There must be something about the Arsenal back line. Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell were last year's escapees and now it looks like may be Free Willy sometime soon at Emirates. [Guardian]

And speaking of defenders, it looks like Boro's Jesus Christ figure will stay at Teesside, despite the fact that the team is currently in 14th place. Apparently the lure of silver cannot override the frequently-knacked defender from leaving the "10th crappiest town" in the UK. [Manchester Evening News, Amazon UK]

Are you the kind of guy that answers "How are you?" with a sarcastic reply of "Just livin' the dream, bro"? If so, keep playing with that high school class ring on your hand as you hurtle towards middle-management and an ungrateful offspring/wife/mistress, because if anyone is livin' the dream, it's gotta be Sven Goran Erikkson, who is currently collecting nearly $8M per annum for not doing a thing. Now that's livin' the dream . . . bro. Unless he's desperate enough to take over the top job at Palermo. [Channel 4]

You've gotta wonder where Germany's next keeper is going to come from. With two 37-year olds prowling the penalty area, Berti Vogts states the obvious . . . about two years too late. [Sky Sports]

I haven't seen this yet (curse you IT!!!), but I hear this guy does a good Portugeezer, because you know you can't get enough of the guy that does John Madden on the NFL shows. [Who Ate All the Pies?]


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