Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Grab: 03.27

Rangers will meet Chelsea on July 28 at Ibrox for a friendly, as fans will welcome the Blues' reserve team and the ghost of Jose Mourinho to Scotland, where Gers fans will be thanking the vapor trail of the Portugeezer for beating Celtic in the 2002-03 UEFA Cup Final. [Glasgow Evening Times]

England captain John Terry and Steven Gerrard add to the already massive load of crap that's getting tossed around leading up to the Three Lions' meeting with Andorra tomorrow in Barcelona. We got enough "English" hyperbole and bullshit from Macca, and now now we have to hear it from rocket scientists who've done absolutely nothing on the pitch (besides scoring one goal in five matches). The accompanying pic of the clueless gaffer "training w/the lads" must be making everyone across the pond nauseous. [CNN International]

Arsenal and Chelsea were each fined roughly $200k each after their involvement in a brawl that erupted during last month's League Cup final, which cumulatively amounts to Michael Ballack's next Aston Martin, or if you want to be cynical about it, $60,000 less than his weekly wage.

In other Blues news, Goldenballs is set to make his LA Galaxy debut when Chelsea comes to set their players up for injury on their preseason tour.

Mrs. Goldenballs and Mrs. I'm-a-freakshow-cultist-king-of-Hollywood, Katie Holmes, are set to start a children's clothing line, citing their mutual "love of fashion and motherhood" (Wow, those two aren't mutually exclusive?). The article makes no mention of the real reason behind the venture, the mind-numbing boredom that comes with being a useless former popstar and a captive of a megalomaniacal elfin actor. [E Canada News]


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