Thursday, January 04, 2007

If Mexico Had Two Stabs At It In 16 Years...

Why not the United States having a go twice in a span of twenty years? For any fan of the game looking forward to the World Cup being hosted by Brazil in 2014, here's a bucket of cold water for you. Money quote:
"There are three principal areas where progress will have to be made.

The obvious one is stadiums. Brazil does not currently possess a single stadium good enough to stage a World Cup match. This, though, is the least of its problems.

The stadiums can be built in the time available. More worrying are the other two areas, infrastructure and urban violence.

According to Brazilian sociologist Helio Jaguaribe, 'it is more dangerous to circulate in Rio or Sao Paulo than in the conflict zones of the Middle East. Our major cities will soon become ungovernable and a terrified population will seek fascistic solutions.'

He predicts that, 'the national viability of Brazil will collapse, if nothing is done, in not more than ten years.' He calls for 'a massive programme of urban reform.'"
Makes you wonder what Sepp Blatter's pie hole will be saying next November when the final decision is made on a host. With Colombia having no real chance of hosting, my guess is that the decisive date will be put off all together, to a date where Brazil can actually show it has it's shit together. If not, we could be seeing automatic qualification for the U.S. in 2014.

Time is running out for Brazil to bring the World Cup home [BBC]


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