Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Diego Speaks

In a telephone interview with the TyC Sports program Estudio Futbol, Diego Maradona let loose on Boca Juniors president Mauricio Macri. He said that their relationship has cooled in the last couple of months and that he hasn't been happy with any number of Macri's decisions. Not only that, he admitted to having a working relationship with Argentinos Juniors. Ouch.

Here's a rough translation of what he had to say:

On his relationship with Macri: We're a bit distant from each other these days, for some time now actually. There were some things I didn't like and I told him so. He didn't stand up to the mafias and he put Boca jerseys on Bush's daughters.

On Alfio Basile: When it came out that Basile was going to take the national team job, I told Mauricio to ask [FA president Julio] Grondona if it could wait until December [Basile left in September]. Today, Boca has a championship less and Basile is in a big mess after the bad losses to Brazil and Spain. Now, in February, he has to go play France.

On players: I pleaded [with Macri] to sign Mariano Pavone when he cost nothing, today he's valued at 20 million euros. Why would they even think about getting rid of [Jesus] Datalo? He's still got plenty to offer the team. Furthermore, I'd mentioned that Cristian Villagra was perfect fit for the club. Then they let River [Plate] sneak in and get him.

On Argentinos Juniors and their new coach Ricardo Caruso Lombardi: I went to congratulate Ricardo, because he deserves it. He's been battling it out for a long time trying to get to the first division. He's got experience and I think he's the man to get Argentinos back to the top. I'm giving him a hand with scouting new players for the upcoming season.

Maradona: one of the best players ever, and a petty jackass, all rolled into one.

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