Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Buffon Quotes, Fresh Out Of The Oven

Oh, just when you thought you would be getting a day off from Gigi's tour of media outlets... I guess we can't label him the Terrell Owens of Serie A just yet, but has Buffon ever seen a microphone/tape recorder and decided not to talk into it? Today the news has to do with the ongoing soap opera concerning Juventus and their ability to contend immediately upon their return to Serie A next season.

While there are assurances from the club that the Bianconeri will be competitive in Serie A, Gigi just can't be placated. The money quote:
"I think I proved my affection for this outfit in the summer by deciding to play in Serie B. As to the future, it is too early to say what will happen, I will only speak when the League table becomes clearer. However, I am not interested in playing for a side which finishes the Serie A season in 12th place. I need motivation and I want to fight for important trophies. Coach Didier Deschamps has also admitted that this side could not compete in the top flight right now. Of course everything would change if we were to finalise some important signings. I would be happy to remain, but we will have to see."
I can't wait to hear what the guy has to say tomorrow. [World Soccer,, Channel 4]

In other Juve news:
  • According to Italian daily Tuttosport: Javier Saviola's contract at Barcelona ends next June, making him the first big-name target for the club during the transfer window. Could el Conejito be Gigi's belated Christmas present? [Ole]
  • Dear Milan: hands off our benchwarmers. [Channel 4]
  • The latest from the treatment room. [Juventus official site]

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linda said...

They're right about Saviola's contract, but he's said that he wants to remain in Spain, and Villarreal has never seen a South American they didn't like. (I'd very much like that to happen, actually, but the Submarines probably couldn't afford his salary.)