Tuesday, October 03, 2006

If You Didn't Catch It The First Time Around

ESPN is scheduled to re-air the documentary Once in a Lifetime: the Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos. It'll be shown on the main channel itself this time, at 8pm Eastern on October 18th. If you missed it last month, definitely set the Tivo. Even if you already saw it, watch it again to see if Giorgio Chinaglia is that much of an a-hole the second time around.

In other eye-numbing news:
A documentary on Germany's summer in the spotlight has been released. It's titled Germany: A Summer Fairy Tale and you can see the trailer here. No word on when it might be released here in the U.S. [Guardian UK]

The SoccerBlog.com reports that the BBC’s history of the Brazilian national team, Boys from Brazil, is now out on DVD. Don't rent this by mistake, believe me when I tell you that it's got nothing to do with Pele. [SoccerBlog.com]

The Gaffer gives us the heads up about a new show on GolTV. From what I can tell, it'll show on Thursday at 7:30pm ET and re-air Friday at 4:00am and 12:30pm ET. It's probably worth a look. [EPL Talk]

And last, but surely not least. For anyone out there who feel the need to see a white pair of cheeks, here you go. [The Soccer Weblog]


BL has covered the Euro qualifiers on this week (see below). These are the other games of note on TV through Sunday:

England Under-21 vs Germany Under-21
3:00pm Eastern, LIVE
FOX Soccer Channel
Catch this UEFA Under-21 Championship qualifying match if you're bored and have nothing else to do. It could be interesting to see what kind of talent these two countries have coming down the pipe. At least it'll give you the chance to see Theo Walcott, who has scored in both his first games at U21 level.

River Plate vs Boca Juniors
3:00pm Eastern, LIVE
FOX Soccer Channel / FOX Sports en Espanol
The big club match of the week, played in front of a packed house at River's Estadio Monumental. If you get FOX Sports en Espanol, don't forget to tune into Minuto Cero at 2pm ET. It's the excellent pre-game show produced by Argentine sports channel TyC Sports.

As always, check your local listings for dates and times in your area.



soccermad said...

AC, I checked out "Soccer Academy"; it's pretty interesting

The Gaffer said...


Thanks to linking to my blog regarding the "Soccer Academy" show. I believe there are only five episodes, which is a shame, but maybe we can see more shows like this in the future.

The Gaffer