Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Grab Bag: Wednesday

Ouch . . . no golden parachute for Becks at Madrid. [Guardian Unlimited]

Wait, when you say left, do you mean his left or mine? Lehmann to auction cheat sheet [TVNZ]

Look out Macedonia, England's mixing it up with tactics!! [Times Online]

Hey man, whaddya wanna do? Dunno, maybe we should go wait at the airport for those bums? Yeah!! [The Australian]

David Dein is elected as Darth Vad-, er president of G14. Check out the G14 website.


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linda said...

Oooh, a TVNZ story. Now that's an odd sight. All we ever get football-wise is a 30 second recap of the EPL big four's games and for some reason, Real Madrid's game that week. Why Real? I don't know. I've certainly seen more Barca shirts in New Zealand.