Monday, October 02, 2006

The Grab Bag: Monday

Thanks to the The Soccer Weblog for putting out The List: Football References That Aren't Funny Anymore. While we pride ourselves here at SMiA on we cannot promise some may slip out at some point. We certainly can't promise not to make fun of that tall gay dude on Liverpool.

Rob Parker over at Who Ate All the Pies? shows us the cringe-worthy Zokora dive, which Tony Adams' thinks is what's wrong with today's game. [Independent]

Crap, a blinder with Fulham v. Watford at Vicarage Road. How'd I miss a great matchup like that? Oh wait, it's Fulham v. Watford, that's how. We'll let you know if it shakes up the table. It doesn't. [Eurosport]

Rio's getting a lot of stick for his little bomb on BBC Radio 1. So he slipped and uttered a commonly-held view in the locker room mentality of football. And he apologized immediately. Which makes it okay, like, when if someone says "I like little boys in the worst way - oh, wait, I'm sorry, I'm not a pedophile", there's no reason to think that's wrong or anything. Makes me wonder what hell David Ginola went through. [Times Online and Guardian Observer]


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