Thursday, September 21, 2006

Someone Got A Light?

It looks like the "vice" police are at it again. First it was FIFA at the World Cup giving, then Mexican coach, Ricardo La Volpe a hard time about his chain smoking during his team's matches.

Not wanting to let FIFA hog the spotlight, the Qatar Football Association has come down on Al Ahli's Swiss coach Michel Decastel. It seems that Decastel lit up during a match last week. From the news report, it's a little unclear if it's a new rule and the coach just didn't know about it or if it's been on the books for a while and Decastel just thought that he'd tempt fate. I still have my research staff looking into it.

But on to my point. Please, let's stop all the hand wringing over these little inconsequential things. Is this really what's putting a dark cloud over the game that we all love so much? To those that govern the game, I say: Whether it's smoking, drinking, or gambling, please mind your own business.

Let's just start our kids off on the right foot and expose them to the good things in life. If we're lucky, they will grow up to be great footballers like George Best.

Swiss coach banned for smoking [Reuters]



Anonymous said...

Smoking kills, AC . . . shame on you for making light of it . . . if it weren't for chain-smoking and cheeseburgers, Ronaldo would still be scoring goals for Real Madrid

soccermad said...

I agree AC, we're too sensitized now to "boys being boys" . . . look at how Rooney responded when someone suggested sharing Coleen. Disgraceful