Thursday, September 21, 2006

Me Craig Bellamy & me doent sine 4 s**t clubs!!!

Or something to that effect (sorry, I seemed to have misplaced my Welsh keyboard), we imagine, was what Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd read when he received a text from Bellamy as it was rumored the Magpies were attempting to offload him to Birmingham City.

We got excited over here at SMiA, when we found out our favorite pacey Blackeye Rover was moving to Liverpool, just because it increased the possibility of seeing him exude his natural diplomacy. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Craiger's latest eruption, this time directed at Newcastle coach Terry McDermot.

And last night Bellamy, 27, proved just how clever he is by instigating a fracas in the tunnel at Anfield with Newcastle coach and Liverpool legend Terry McDermott. "I was talking to the referee at the edge of the tunnel when Bellamy appeared and started calling me names," aye-ayed McDermott. "I thought he was just joking and I put my arm around him, but he kept on calling me names and that's when it all kicked off. There was no need for it at all and he was 100% out of order."

The Fiver gives us the details.


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