Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How To Ruin A Perfectly Good Shirt

Beginning next Tuesday, Barcelona will sport the UNICEF logo on its shirts. The front of Barcelona's famous maroon and blue striped jersey has never carried advertising in competitive games, although they have sold advertising space on it's left sleeve to Catalan TV station TV3 since 2005.

While I'm all for supporting children's causes, I'm going to miss the emtpy space on Barca's shirt. It makes me think of the old days of the European Cup when teams weren't allowed to have jersey advertising if they made it to the finals. It gave the uniforms a classy look. For some reason, it made the game more important. At least that's how I remember it when I started to follow Europe's biggest club match in 1991.

Either way, the deal is done and Barca will come out of Camp Nou tunnel to face Levski Sofia with some scribble on their shirts. If you want a jersey they way it was meant to look, you should probably order it sooner than later.

"A historic agreement" [FC Barcelona]


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