Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hey, Now We're Only 17 Points Behind Lecce!

Or 18 points, do you count 0 as a number here? Either way, Didier Deschamps had his side hitting on all cylinders tonight, winning 3-0 away to Crotone. BL's favorite Frenchie, Jean-Alain Boumsong, helped Juve take another step up out of their season-starting minus 17 point hole. As for me, I'm still wondering what Didi meant in the last line of this quote:
"Every coach tries to give the right message, then it'’s down to how the players interpret that on the field, because they're the ones who go out there to play and they're the ones who deserve the credit. The first game wasn '’t easy as we didn't know what we had in front of us, now our attitude has changed and we've learned how to make the most of the fighting spirit that was already there. But I repeat, we still haven't reached out and touched Serie B"”.
Touch Serie B? Should child protective services be called? Juve host Modena on Saturday, let's see how he characterizes the result of that match.
Juventus beats Crotone 3-0 in Serie B [International Herald Tribune]


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