Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big Sam’s a bung-hoe, the Who Cares? Cup, Stevie G’s position, and Wrighty on Becks

It looks like everyone’s favorite Bluetooth, gum-gnawing, gold chain-wearing gaffer may have to sue to clear his name [BBC News]

Last year’s finalists don’t have to worry about those annoying Carling Cup matches during the rest of the season [ESPN Soccernet]

Fergie makes eyes at Pirlo, Mascherano to Juve, and Harry Redknapp brings the 2004 Gunners back to life in The Guardian rumormill [Guardian Unlimited]

Gerrard to stay out on the fringe? [Times Online]

Chelsea’s Frank Arnesen flexes his own bung [Times Online]

Ian Wright thinks Becks will be back [Mirror UK]


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