Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The Gaffer over at EPL Talk has thoughtfully laid out the September TV schedules for the English Premiership and the first matchday of the UEFA Champions League. All I can say is that Setanta looks to be the best bet for American soccer fans. If you've got the scratch, get that dish onto the side of your house pronto.

September Will Be A Month To Remember for Prem Fans [EPL Talk]
Champions League TV Schedule Announced for U.S. [EPL Talk]



Anonymous said...


That's the show I was telling you about on iTunes - I'll send you CDs of the interviews this week


The Gaffer said...


Thanks for the kind words. Yes, Setanta is definitely a godsend, but for those of you -- like me -- who can't get DirecTV for a host of reasons, there is another option which is ITVN.

There's an interview with an executive from ITVN on my podcast, plus the blog has a *ton* of info about the option.

The podcast is at http://epltalk.libsyn.com -- and we've got more great interviews scheduled for release this week.

Keep up the great work with the Soccermad blog.

The Gaffer