Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kieron, Kie and Kaden

Newcastle United midfielder Kieron Dyer, spent $170,000 on a christening party for his second son, three-month old Kaden, at a champagne bash in a posh country hotel. With a guest list of 262 friends and relatives, the 27-year old England international also flew in U.S. R&B singer Donell Jones and Radio 1 DJ Spoony played a set at the hotel in Suffolk.

Dyer, who earns about $85,000 a week, also has an older son, six-year old Kie, with his childhood girlfriend, Josie Jefferson. The pair split up when Josie was expecting Kie, but remained on good terms. Apparently good enough terms to impregnate her again.

Congrats, Kaden; with a party like that to christen your entrance into the world, what can go wrong?

Teammate Titus Bramble also attended the party; however, he did not crash any of his automobiles into any of the structural features of the luxury hotel.


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