Sunday, August 27, 2006

Football embraces science

We like to keep our hand on the pulse of the footballing world, over here at SMiA, and the latest story, perhaps not as meaningful as the new "Intimately Beckham" line of fragrances, is the practice of storing offspring's stem cells for use in future injuries.

Apparently, if you mess your knee up, you just grab some of the stem cells you've saved from your kid's umbilical cord, and utilize those cells in the rebuilding muscle and tissue, since they contain the same genetic code.

Thierry Henry is known to have frozen stem cells from his offspring, so expect a drawn-out media scrum over the future of the French international's genetics.

Arsene Wenger was quoted as saying "as far as I know, Theirry's stem cells are still under contract, and we won't let them go for less than they are worth".

Freddy Shephard, chairmain of Newcastle United, is apparently willing to bid $50M.

Footballers using babies as repair kits [Yahoo]

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