Monday, March 30, 2009

Passionate Bellamy brutally honest

As long as you're not John Toshack or one of the 20,000 or so brave souls who watched Wales' 2-0 defeat to Finland at the weekend then Craig Bellamy's post-match comments on Saturday were refreshingly honest.

After the weekend's horror show at the Millennium Stadium skipper Bellamy faced up to the sad reality of constant failure in big tournament qualification and instead of trotting out the pre-rehearsed twaddle he let rip.

Bellamy blasted: "It's all over, the qualifying group. I don't want to sound bitter but from what I saw in this match, it is all over for both sides.

"Neither of us are going to qualify, that was quite evident from what everyone saw out there.

"Russia and Germany are far too good, they have far too much quality for us. And it is the same old situation, it is all about pride now and getting as many points as you can.

"It is the same old story, and that is what is so disappointing. Where we go from here, God knows."

The usual after-match debriefing usually goes along the lines of 'a bad day at the office' or 'now we must look forward to the next match', but Bellamy- who wears his heart on his sleeve - was brutally truthful.

It wasn't what was expected from the Wales skipper, but it was what everyone was thinking and for that the passionate Welshman has to be admired.

Much was expected from John Toshack's young guns in World Cup qualification, but with just six points from five games the dream is almost over.

And next up is a home clash with Germany on Wednesday in Cardiff when another distressing day for Welsh football is likely to be witnessed.

By Phil Tomlinson

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