Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Grab: 04.08.2008

Goldenballs overtakes Ronaldinho in the Rich List again, but that may change soon if everyone's favorite toothy Brazilian makes a move to the luxuriousness of Manchester City, which will happen when AC and I top the next Rich List. Interestingly, at least six of the top ten aren't playing their best footie in quite some time, including the the aforementioned little Ronnie (too busy partying), Ronaldo (injury) and Michael Ballack (can't play with Frankie Lampard).

Beckham Dethrones Ronaldinho to Top Soccer's Rich List Again [Bloomberg]

The naming of the new MLS franchise in Seattle doesn't quite amp up the citizens of the Pacific Northwest, as much as say, Real Seattle City United Raging Leg-breaking SC (yes, we still make fun of people who say "football" instead of "soccer" over here), but we may see Europe's er, best turn out in a Sounders kit. Is Giorgio Chinaglia still available?

Uninspiring soccer team name will be OK if players’ names are huge [The News Tribune]

Stuck in your grey cubicle, staring off into space, and lamenting how you ended up here can wear one down at times. It's sites like Sniffing the Touchline, coffee breaks and fucking with corporate tools that help me get through my day.

Trouser-Tightening WAG Round-Up [Sniffing the Touchline]


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Jay said...

Beckham was smart to move to the MLS. Over there he still gets all the attention and earns crazy good money!