Monday, March 17, 2008

Quote Of The Day

"I am really, really happy that [Javier] Mascherano must go to Egypt to play a friendly. Things like that you just cannot understand. There is nothing you can do. The rules are the rules and the players must go. You can't speak to the coach [Alfio Basile]. You can say 'Be careful' but they are thinking about themselves. They need to check the players to see if they can manage with the team, so it will be very difficult. It's the same problem for all the top sides. Normally the best players are in the top sides and they are playing Champions League or playing for the title."

Rafael Benítez, on a winding rant concerning Argentina's meaningless friendly against the African champions on March 26th. He should count himself lucky that the South American World Cup qualifiers don't start up until mid-June.

Mascherano's flight to Egypt leaves Benítez fuming [Guardian]


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