Monday, March 24, 2008

The Grab: 03.24.2008

Nice work from the team over at Sniffing the Touchline, with a little rundown of some truly classic (and by classic, I mean embarrassing) attempts at a second career by some footballers with delusions of grandeur. Call it a gross generalization, but I never thought athletes and music were a likely match, unless you're 7 feet tall with a lazy eye. [STT, Amazon]

Is keeping Michael Owen (as opposed to keeping his job) really one of the bigger concerns for Kevin Keegan? Or is it just another desperately planted story to keep Newcastle United relevant in the news? They did beat Fulham, after all. Money quote: "Michael's not going to stop scoring, he's not going to stop catching the eye and Michael is going to be wanted by other clubs." Good point, Kev. Let me know when he starts scoring. [Setanta]

If you can deny the fan's favorite because of potential religious connotations, can't you ban a kit simply because it's hideous? Well, apparently a vague cross is better than "hints of eagle claws" (or those streamers that gymnasts whirl about in the Olympics) and an eagle evocative of the Weimar Republic. [Reuters Blogs]

Bored with the minutiae of your own life? Take a a snooze with Willy in North London, albeit without the thousands of pounds a week you're watching pile up in your account. [Times Online]


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J Dillah said...

Check out this video, perhaps this is what drives them to a second career, lol! What do you think?