Sunday, February 24, 2008

Something To Hang His Hat On

While it looks like the British Asian Sports Awards are a legit organization, they don't do themselves any favors by handing out a Lifetime Achievement award to our favorite malcontent/filmmaker, Vikash Dhorasoo. That's no typo my friends, it really says lifetime achievement next to Vik's name.

I love how the write up for the awards event included this little nugget: "The Ex French mid-fielder, who is the only Asian to have played in a football World Cup final."

Surely they mean a World Cup Final, and not the tournament finals as a whole. Plenty of Asians have played in the finals, but while he was on the French squad who made it to the 2006 final against Italy, he never made it off the bench against Marcelo Lippi's men. Does warming up before the game and kicking balls around at halftime now count as having played in a World Cup Final?

Either way, you've got to give Dhorasoo credit for his off-the-field efforts, but for playing soccer, I don't think so. But hey, it's not everyday that you get to share the stage with top-notch entertainers like Sisqó.

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