Friday, February 08, 2008

Six Alex Doesn't Like Being Kept in the Dark

If there's one thing that Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson hates, besides getting whomped in nether regions [Daily Mail], it's not being kept informed of what's going on in the boardroom. In this case, it's the Premier League's new decision to tap into the rich vein of foreign money that's there to be made. Money quote:

"They should have been enquiring and having discussions with managers and players before they come out with all this stuff and make an issue of it. They can't keep their mouth shut down there. What disappoints me is Manchester United chief executive David Gill said 'keep this quiet, we're discussing it' and then it's in the papers. These issues should be discussed internally by clubs before they come to this position we are now in but until I speak to David Gill again I have nothing more to say about it."

Speaking of Fergie left in the dark, I've been reading Manchester Unlimited, an engrossing look into the rise of Manchester United from a provincial club to the sporting, financial and marketing powerhouse it is today.

Written by Spurs fan and journalist Mihir Bose, Manchester Unlimited provides a fascinating account of not only the club's growth and globalization, but the inner workings and personalities of the Manchester United board, as well as the financial dark ages that football inhabited well into the life of the Premier League.

Looking back on that time, knowing what we know now of Ferguson it's hard to believe anyone would dare keep information from the Scot, as the board did during numerous takeover bids and changes to the club's overall vision of the future. And apparently it's still going on.

Global revelation angers Ferguson [BBC Football]

Manchester Unlimited: The Money, Egos and Infighting Behind the World's Richest Soccer Club (Hardcover) [Amazon]


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