Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Late Grab:10.23.2007

The beautiful game, bringing people together as usual: Soccer mom charged with taking a chair to coach's head [Newsday]

Robbie and Ronnie's 40 jimmy hats and more scandals: Sex Scandals of Famous Athletes [Javno]

The original number 10 tells Juan Roman to play calcio: Maradona Tells Riquelme: You Must Go To Italy [Goal]

Hey, MLS fans, don't turn your back on the playoffs now that Goldenballs is out . . .that's right, Becks is back, this time bringing his, er, continental flair (read: lack of pace, poor tackling) to Canada: Beckham books new B.C. date [Canada]

Kolo Toure's only 26?: Q&A with Arsenal defender Kolo Toure [ESPN Soccernet]


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