Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Late Grab: 10.16

The excellent Arseblog vents about Barcelona's tenacious attempts to lure Cesc Fabregas back to the Camp Nou. Money quote:

Their ’sporting’ director, Mickey Burgerstain, spoke about Cesc yesterday to a Spanish newspaper. He seems to be under the impression that because of the way Cesc left the club when he was 16 that Barcelona would take some kind of moral stand and not pay a large transfer fee if they were to bring him back to the club. He said:

He is a great player but the circumstances of his exit make things
very difficult. We cannot pay a great amount for a homegrown player that decided
to leave us.
Oh, there I was labouring under the impression that a player’s past and previous clubs were completely and utterly irrelevant and that it was his current standing in the game, coupled with the length of his contract, that would decide his value. Silly me.


It looks like BBC's Panorama wasn't satisfied with exposing Big Sam Allardyce as a bung-taker. Now they're continuing to target FIFA with a documentary on October 29, when the FIFA executive committee (Sepp Blatter and some miscellaneous lackeys) will meet to decide on the World Cup continental rotation policy. Investigative journalist Andrew Jennings is apparently “examining whether England can expect ‘fair play’ from Fifa” in bidding for the 2018 finals", somewhat akin to his exposing corruption in the IOC during London's bid for 2012. All this, of course, leads me to believe that England's chances of hosting the World Cup in 2018 are all but dead. Then again, that's what I said about England's chances of qualifying for the Euros this year, and now I'm convinced the Three Lions will slink in, only to dazzle us with their mediocrity.

Panorama ready with another Fifa probe [Sports Journalists' Association]

England skipper John Terry is most likely ruled out of England's crucial qualifier with Russia on Wednesday, after his knee locked up in training. The press have been told that the Chelsea defender has a bone chip floating around in his knee, in addition to a broken toe and cheekbone, further adding to his reputation as a brave knight battling for the pride of England. Well, I've seen JT play since he incurred the broken toe and I have to say he's been crap on more than a few occasions. Enter Sol Campbell to sub in and perhaps Jolean Lescott for the injured Ashley Cole and voila, this is the team that will show that "football's coming home" to Engerrland. And, everything's more than peachy surrounding the squad as long as you know you've got Phil Neville waiting in the wings to help out.

Football captain Terry blow rocks England [Agence France-Presse]

Spurs' vice-chairman Paul Kelmsley is set to resign, according to the Daily Mail. The property tycoon intends to step down to focus on his financial interests in the United States, and well, it is Spurs after all. How much heartache can one take? Actually, I've found very little worthy of news in this story except for the excellent pic of Kelmsley, Steve McClaren and Crystal Palace owner and chairman Simon Jordan. Jordan's Der Commisar-meets-Secret Service Agent-wearing drugstore shades-or could it be a Mme Tussaud's wax figure? has got to be the best Halloween costume I've seen in years.

Spurs chief to quit [Daily Mail]


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The maturity displayed by Arseblog there is truly commendable. (Making fun of a Basque person's name? High brow comedy. Yeah.)