Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Grab: 10.31

An interesting piece on Afshin Gotbi, the Iranian-American tasked with managing Tehran giants Persepolis. The 43 year old assisted the US National Team, the LA Galaxy and Korea (with Guus Hiddink), and spent the majority of his life in the United States.
Meet the American who could lead Iran [Guardian Football]

You might want to think twice before you unbutton your pants in front of pubescent girls (not directed at you AC, but just a little advice). What does it say about the state of America's youth soccer when a coach decides to bare his ass because a game got a little chippy? More importantly, what does it say about the state of America when:

"Several of the girls and their parents were offended by the action Saturday and immediately called police"

Was the guy misguided, stupid and immature? Yes. But the police? Considering all the crap that you're going to see and go through in life, is this really worth calling the authorities for? "Bob, put down the bear claw, we got action over at the park!!!"
Soccer coach suspended after alleged mooning [SF Gate]

Who's going to host the 2018 World Cup? I'm hoping it's Benelux, because I just figured out what it stands for.
World Cup 2018: The Contenders [Daily Telegraph]

I hate to fall onto the Halloween-themed bandwagon, but here are 50 players who do their best to eschew the stereotype of footballers being vain, flamboyant, aliceband-wearing divers.
Halloween Special: Top 50 Scariest Footballers [Who Ate All The Pies]


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