Monday, October 22, 2007

The Grab: 10.22.2007

Man City's Didi Hamann, a reinvigorated presence in the Citizens' positive run this season, has been banned from driving for six months, and fined somewhere around $14K for various driving violations. Nearly a year ago, the German crashed his Porsche into a fence in Cheshire. Of course, he had been drinking, and of course, he walked away from the scene, later claiming he wasn't driving and he wouldn't finger who was. Money quote:

Nicola Roberts, prosecuting, said a witness saw a man dressed in a dinner suit walking on the cycle way towards Wilmslow, waving his arms about and talking to himself. The witness continued and saw a car embedded in a fence.

Well, perhaps Didi was telling the truth. Waving his arms about and talking to himself? Obviously he was angry with the invisible friend that crashed his Porsche.

Hamann gets six-month driving ban [BBC Football]

Stephen Gerrard, Captain England, Jr. (to John Terry, that is), can turn a crap game into a screamer, a pile of meaningless words into an autobiography, and now a yellow card into a red. Or that's what Everton's Alan Stubbs thinks, after the Toffees lost to Liverpool :

'The referee went to book Tony Hibbert holding a yellow card, Steven Gerrard walked past him (the referee) and it changed to a red."

Referee Mark Clattenburg had a terrible game, missing a stone-cold red card, a potential penalty, and sending off two Everton men. So terrible, it appears that MC will not be officiating an EPL game this upcoming weekend.

Clattenburg omitted from Premier League rota [Guardian Football]

Bobby Pires had an impactful game when his Yellow Submarine met up with former Arsenal team mate Thierry Henry's Barcelona. Drawing two penalties in Saturday's match, the former Gunners midfielder has seen Villareal win six and lose two in this year's campaign, placing them in second place, ahead of Valencia on goal differential, and a point ahead of Barcelona. Henry's Barca continue to struggle, despite taking 18 points out of 24, simply because the fans don't see the fluent stuff that they demand with Deco, Messi, Ronaldinho, dos Santos and Henry on the same pitch. Pires tells us not to hate the playa, but the game.

Pires blames Barça for Henry's dull start [Independent]

The good ladies at Kickette give us the scoop on Claude Makelele's little bit of infidelity. What makes this piece special is the moron he's got representing him, who said:

“He’s denying it. But even if it was true, he’s going to deny it. They’re all at it, but when they’re caught they deny it. He’s going to be in trouble, though, because his wife is here and she’s very nice. She’s very sensitive.”

Uh, I know it's different in Europe, and that we're all puritanical, repressed sexual idiots like the Brits, but that ain't what you want to say. This is Claude Makelele, man. Take some more care in your client. He invented "the Claude Makelele" role for chrissakes.

Infidelity Files: Claude Makelele [Kickette]

In other Frenchie-got-caught-with-his-pants-down news, it's been revealed who Thierry Henry risked his marriage to Nicole Merry on. Whoa, you have to be surprised at this. You're Thierry Henry, arguably the most exciting footballer of the decade, living the high life, making ridiculous cash for almost every endorsement worth doing, and you cheat on your model wife with this? I mean, c'mon TH14, we thought you were the man, and you pull this Hugh Grant stuff with that chick? Claude Makelele just won mad props in the les Bleus dressing room.

Girl who could cost Henry £10m [The Sun]


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