Tuesday, October 09, 2007

El Che

As Lefties around the world payed their respect today on account of the 40th anniversary of Ernesto Guevara's death, it doesn't hurt to look at the connection el Che had with soccer. Well before he met his demise in the little Bolivian village of La Higuera, Guevara not only enjoyed playing soccer, but rugby as well.

During his famous travels through South America, retold in his book "The Motorcycle Diaries," he recalled a story of a stop in Leticia, Colombia. It was there in 1952 where, playing between the sticks for local side Independiente, he saved a penalty.

Today, 40 years after his death, his soccer-playing days are remembered in Jesus Maria, Argentina. It is in this small town, just over 30 miles from Cordoba, that amateur soccer club Social, Atletico y Deportivo Ernesto Che Guevara play their home games. Having been founded less than a year ago, they play in the Colon regional league, and are bottom of the table.

With a newly appointed coach, the hope is that they can climb up the table and make a name for themselves. Though that might not be very realistic, the club strive on by recalling one of Guevara's more famous quotes: "We're realists, but we dream the impossible."

El Che y 10 más (in Spanish) [Olé]


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