Friday, August 24, 2007

Mini Me to Win Sack Race?

Anyone who's been er, lucky enough to watch Bolton's first games in charge with former Wanderers' number two Sammy Lee can tell you this guy's way over his head. I haven't checked the latest odds for who's leading the EPL sack race, but this guy's gotta be at the top.

Sure, the guy's got the respect and experience as a first team coach and Fat Sam's right-hand man, not to mention he's one of the first to gain a UEFA Pro Licence. But it's hard to feel confident about him, given how he's claimed to change the style of footie we see at the Reebok.

Sam Allardyce was able to coax results out of an overachieving team, using the transfer market to bolster the lackluster squad. We all know Fat Sam took them as far as they could probably go, but does anyone honestly think Sammy Lee will improve or even sustain Bolton's success in the top flight?

When the guy is prone to saying such things as "I've said this many times before . . . . for me it's about quality, not quantity" in regard to players, does this foreshadow any moments of brilliance on the gaffer's part? Not really.

Little Sam blames big Sam for Bolton's demise [Daily Mail]


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