Thursday, August 02, 2007

Darren Ferguson: He ain't no Craig Allardyce

How do you live up to expectations when your pop is Sir Alex Ferguson? Or are the expectations lowered? Either way, Little Fergie's managed to get himself a managing job at Peterborough United, the League Two side owned by real estate magnate Darragh McAnthony, three years his junior. Just how different is LF from his hairdryer treatment father? Money quote:

"Aye, it's been good. I've felt I've had to change the outlook and professionalism of the whole club: little things, like taking water bottles onto the training field, and eating together after training. And you have to get used to things you're not used to as a player, bizarre things at times. Like today, one of the players got a call, his wife had just put unleaded petrol in a diesel car and was stuck on the motorway. I was like, well, what do you want me to do about it? But you know, the lad has to go and help her out."

So the 35-year old is a reasonable gaffer, with players who marry idiots. Nice to know . . . All this should come in handy when PUFC meet the Red Devils tomorrow in a friendly.

Darren Ferguson: 'Dad said you've got to be honest with players, no matter how much it will upset them' [Independent Online]


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