Thursday, July 05, 2007

Everything Is Fine At Milan, Because Galliani Says It Is

Milan vice president Adriano Galliani is getting it from both sides this week. His club's supporters are looking for reassurances that Kaka isn't on his way to Real Madrid. Though Galliani is making public statements claiming that the Brazilian is staying, Rossoneri fans are not ready to believe him after last summer's pronouncements.

On the other side of the coin, Uncle Fester is trying to do the bidding of his coach, Carlo Ancelotti. The gaffer is looking to add a little youth to the side and has singled out the next big name in Brazilian soccer, Alexandre Pato. Currently staring for the Brazilians at the U-20 World Cup in Canada, Pato is also reportedly on the shopping list at Stamford Bridge, the Bernabeu, and across the street at Inter.

Brazil plays the U.S. tomorrow in Ottawa, with a knockout round berth at stake, at 7:30p ET, live on ESPNU and Galavision.

Galliani reassures Milan fans [Channel 4]
AC Milan warn Blues on Shevchenko [BBC]
Ancelotti demands Pato push [Channel 4]



Anonymous said...

Kaka stays, obviously. It gets freakin' annoying having to hear about these made up rumours once a week that Kaka is in discussions with Madrid, that his dad was seen w/ Mijatovic etc. Madrid are a desperate club and their actions (planting news stories in Madrid papers?) are pathetic.

Milan should definitely buy Pato and could probably fund two-thirds of the transfer fee by selling Oliviera. Either way, Oliviera goes. And they definitely need another striker what with Ronaldo's injury history, Pippo's age and Gilardino's inconsistencies.

After having triumphed over Europe again they should be flush with cash. If I'm Galliani I buy Pato and a defender. With a few reinforcements Milan will challenge on all fronts again.

soccermad said...

Oliviera was a bust, they'd be luck to get $10M for him. As for Pato, young talent is the only thing that will keep Milan at the top. This is an old team that needs new blood.

I almost wish that Milan had lost in Athens, that way it might of precipitated Ancelotti's departure. The club needs fresh faces everywhere, not just on the pitch.


Anonymous said...

"I almost wish that Milan had lost in Athens, that way it might of precipitated Ancelotti's departure. The club needs fresh faces everywhere, not just on the pitch."

If you want Ancelotti to go you must not be a fan of Milan. He is clearly one of, if not the, best coaches in the world. It is abundantly clear that he has the respect of the squad, maybe the most important factor in steering a high profile club filled with veteran champions. His record speaks for itself. When they win the World Club championship over a depleted Boca he will have won all there is to win. He can stay as long as he wants as far as I'm concerned. New players are needed, obviously. The coaching staff is perfect as it is.

soccermad said...

I wouldn't go that far, Anonymous. I've been a fan of Milan since the late '80s, so please, let's not get into a pissing contest to see who's the bigger fan.

My point concerning Ancelotti is that I think he's run his course at Milan. Has he been successful, of course, without a doubt. Do I like the way his team played this past season, no. It was a boring side to watch that played without much imagination. The Champions League run (and eventual win) notwithstanding.

They not only need to rejuvenate the side, Milan needs a new system, one that plays a more free-flowing, easier on the eye, brand of soccer.

That's my main quibble with the gaffer. And if we acknowledge that Serie A has always been a defensive league: if the trophy-winning sides of the late '80s and early to mid '90s could play an attractive style, why can't the present day squad?