Monday, June 18, 2007

The Payouts

Now that we can all catch our breath, it's time to see how much goes where. By winning the league, Real Madrid have got some bills to pay. The good people at The Offside get us started with the first one:
  • Mahamadou Diarra's transfer from Lyon stipulates that "for the entire duration of Diarra’s five year contract, Lyon get paid €1M for every La Liga title Diarra wins, up to €3m total, making his total transfer worth up to €29M." Translated, that's $1.3M in American money.
  • Ruud van Nistelrooy's move from Manchester United had a clause in it that says that the English champions are entitled to $1.3M as well. Half of it because Real won la Liga, the other half for the Dutchman winning the Pichichi, the prize for being the league's top scorer.
  • Ronaldo is entitled to a pro-rated amount for being part of a title-winning side. Since he left the team in January, his cut will come to almost half of what his ex-teammates will receive: $234,745
  • That brings us to the players. The captains (Raul and Guti) hammered out a bonus deal that raised the player payouts from last season, to a shade over $67,000. That means that every first-teamer (at least 25 players) will be getting a check for $469,490.
No word on how much mid-season signings Gonzalo Higuain and Fernando Gago are in line for, but whatever it is, I'm sure it's pretty good.

Real Madrid Win Title, Lyon Win 1,000,000 Euros [The Offside]
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