Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Grab: 06.05

If you're arguably the best right back in the European game, and you have the choice of either a) playing for one of the richest sides in the league in the greatest city in the country (for a footballer, at least) or b) playing for Liverpool, which would you choose. On one hand, there's an opportunity to play for one of the shrewdest of tactical minds (Jose Mourinho) and be paid by one of the richest men (Roman Abramovich); the alternative is playing for Liverpool. I don't hold any particular love for the Blues, but surely the best right back in Europe wouldn't be keen to play for English footy's worst fans? Who's it gonna be, Dani? [The Sun]

Fat Sam's making his name at St. James' Park, agreeing in principle to sign another large man, Aussie Mark Viduka. The 31-year old is currently mulling over a loan deal with his current team, Middlesbrough. So the question for the front man is whether he wants to end his career at a midtable club playing for a manager without the appropriate coaching license (Gareth Southgate) or live among the culinary delights and healthy lifestyle that embody the sophisticated cosmpolitan town is Newcastle. Word around the Geordies is that Allardyce will have the big man toss wee little Mikey Owen over his shoulder like a keg of Schlitz as he runs out onto the pitch for his first game. [Times Online]

In more Magpies news, it looks like degenerate midfielder and Man City castaway Joey Barton was at St. James' Park for a medical and perhaps a nice cigar. With Sam's tentacles further extending to PSG's Czech defender David Rozehnal, and Bolton's Tal Ben Haim, could this be the turnaround Toon fans have been awaiting for so many years? Never mind, Freddy Shepherd's still there. [Manchester Evening News, BBC Sport]

Kudos to new Red owner, Yankee Tom Hicks, for defending Liverpool fans after UEFA criticized the always polite and well-behaved Scouser contingent that traveled to Athens for the European Cup Final against Milan. Here's a taste of some good 'ol American whupass hissing out of Hick's can:

The clown from Uefa who said that doesn't know what he's talking about. Uefa did not handle this right at all. To give 17,000 tickets to the two teams, particularly knowing Liverpool are going to bring 40,000 fans, is

As you know, I'm not a particular fanof Liverpool FC and all things associated with it (see above and all previous posts mentioning Liverpool), but you have to like the way Hicks came out swinging, especially borrowing from Eamon Dunphy (his assessment of Harry Kewell, also a Red, was "A clown. A fat clown for all to see"). Next on Hicks'list of come backs are: "If it weren't for my daddy, you'd be speaking German".

Rounding out the Grab with even more Toon news, it looks like midfielder Kieron Dyer will be asked to ply his trade at right-back, allowing Jamie Carragher
to slide over and partner with John Terry in the center against Estonia. Now, I
know Dyer's played that position before, and perhaps Carragher is better beside
JT in the middle, but this is yet another example of Second Choice Steve's
tactical acumen. Steve McClaren's willingness to play players out of position,
especially this late in the game, where the Three Lions must win to continue on
doesn't surprise me, not does his genuine look of bewilderment on his face
during the games. Of course, Dyer might actually bring the ball forward down his
side, and perhaps even contribute to a goal, which of course, would make me look
foolish and Macca will be crowned the genius at the helm of the world's best
team . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah. . . . [Goal.com]


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