Monday, June 04, 2007

The Grab: 06.04

If you were an internationally-renowned coach, often overlooked for assembling a title-winning side that made history in a jingoistic league known for its power and pace, wouldn't you choose Juventus over Manchester City? That's right, Citizens, not only have you lost the lovable but befuddled Stuart Pearce, and brother of hate-crime murderer midfielder Joey "Your eye looks like a good place to put my stogie out" Barton, but the chance to import somebody who isn't laughable or a stomping thug devoid of technical ability. Then again, there are those that would argue that if Claudio "Tinkerman" Ranieri, who was set to take over the managing duties at Manchester Stadium if Thaksin Shinawatra's takeover bid went through, was the savior of the club, then the Citizens are in deeper trouble than previously thought. At least one can say City doesn't discriminate in its choice of manager - Louis van Gaal, Gus Hiddink and Gerrard Houllier have all said no to them. [IHT]

One of my buddies, a Gooner and rabid fan of Les Bleus, may have his wish come true. It was just last summer, after the World Cup, when we were all bemusing the fact that Claude Makalele was indeed a "slave" to Raymond Domenech, as Jose Mourinho so tactfully put it. Now the 34-year old, with one year left on his contract, may make the jump across the pond, as his former Real Madrid teammate Goldenballs has done. Chelsea's got some young options to consider in the role that was Maka's for so long, and a number of MLS teams would love a player of his caliber, or one that's actually capable of playing the ball out of his own half. [Daily Mail]

I'm not sure how this is news. Who doesn't already know this? Oh, wait there must be some sort of statistic on here to back up what we already know. [Times Online]

Poor Frankie Lamps. First, the disappointment of last year's performance in the World Cup, then losing out on the domestic title and the European Cup, and now the England international has to deal with the constant murmuring among fans that, yes, he does indeed still suck. [Daily Telegraph]

It's really not enough that England fans have to deal with the fact that Steve McClaren is the squad's gaffer. That in itself should be enough to make you cry into your pint, but no, they needed to quantify just how bad it is to have Second-choice Stevie leading your Three Lions out. But, according to everyone who isn't watching actually paying attention to the disaster that is England and everything surrounding it, Becks is back and that's good enough for them. Until they lose out on $80M, that is. [The Sun]

What??? How dare you, sir. [EPL Talk]


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