Monday, June 25, 2007

Drug-Testing In Germany

After reading this article about doping in German soccer, I have my doubts that German officials are serious about keeping the sport clean. The head of the German Anti-Doping Agency was recently interviewed on German radio:
[Armin] Baumert said that the DFB carried out 800 drug tests last year, but that only 87 of them were random tests. He said that NADA and the DFB will raise the number of out-of-competition tests in the future.
87 out of 800, that's less than 11%. If that's the case, then why test at all? If testing isn't done at random, without prior knowledge, then the cheats will skirt detection and continue to use banned substances. Why there's a laissez-faire view on this issue, I do not know.

German Anti-Doping Czar: Doping Still Prevalent in Soccer [Deutsche Welle]


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