Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Late Grab: 05.22

Oi!! You took me fookin' pies!!!
Liverpool fans averaged $6000 in expenses following the Reds this season, beating Chelsea ($5400) and Manchester United ($3500) supporters. Such is the price you pay to watch the most successful team in world history (their words, not mine) finish 21 points behind first and become strictly a cup team (Jose's words, not mine). Where did all the Scousers get all the cash, you ask? Presumably by reallocating funds from their already meager budgets for sun tanning oil, fresh produce and shirts that fit over their bellies. [Times Online]

UEFA.com launches a Mandarin language version of its website. Not sure what took so long, considering that Asia is seemingly under the spell of the Champions League. Perhaps a delay on the Chinese-character template that goes over the keyboards. [EU Football]

Gers are looking to make Peruvian striker Claudio Pizarro the the highest paid player in club history, with a weekly wage of around $80,000. Considering his performance last year (10 goals in 27 appearances), that should come out to just over $416,000 per goal. Think of all the Carling you can buy with that. [Scotsman]

The most successful Chelsea manager behind Jose Mourinho and Gianluca Vialli tosses his hat into the guessing ring about what's going to happen tomorrow. No word on whether he'll ring for a pizza during the match, or get into a tussle with some M&Ms. [Independent]


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