Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Grab: 05.16

Can Sevilla do what Barcelona, Man U and Chelsea weren't able to do? We find out today as Sevilla look to repeat as UEFA Cup champions against Espanyol, who are on their own upward trajectory. Check out the previews. The final airs on Fox Soccer Channel and its sister stations from 2:30 pm ET. If you forgot to set the DVR, it's on at 8 pm ET on repeat.

In other Euro Vase news, Espanyol fans get screwed in Barcelona as they attempt to make their way to the final in Glasgow. [Reuters]

I've been staying away from the aftermath of the EPL season because I feel like it ended in the most anti-climactic way. I did, however, catch Big Sam make his comments longer than needed in the typical windbag English manner that seems to accompany all native managers. At least he's walking the talk by letting a slew of subpar barcodes go. The surprising thing about all of this for me is discovering that Titus Bramble is only 25, leaving roughly another five years of sucking left.

If it wasn't for the excellent work being done over at WAATP, we'd never know about British sandwich week. No, it has nothing to do with roasting. [Who Ate All the Pies?, The Sun]

Posh refutes the opinion that she and Goldenballs don't have good taste, by saying "Believe it or not, David and I have good taste", leading everyone who isn't Posh or her husband to believe they have bad taste. [Kickette]

If you were as disappointed with the end of the season as I was, then you welcomed the playoff promotion match between Derby County and Southampton. The Rams now await the winner of the West Brom v. Wolves match at the Hawthorns, televised on Setanta at 2:30 pm ET. (3-2 agg)



Laurie said...

How much do I love that you linked to that Kickette post on Beckham taste.

Have you stopped to think about the number of poodles who gave their lives for that outfit? Boggles the mind, no?

soccermad said...

Oh yeah, just like all the wild silicone that gave it's life for Posh's other-worldly nipples.