Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The CL Grab: 05.23

Like any smoker living in a non-smoking city, I've turned to chewing tobacco at times to relieve the stress of not being able to light up freely, particularly during baseball games, long interstate drives and as Mrs. BL will walk down the aisle at our upcoming nuptials. And now the Rossoneri turn to putting a chaw in as a tactic for the final, hoping a little thingy between their cheek and gum will stop a repeat of two years ago. [MarketWire]

Starved for conflict with Milan fans, Scousers decide there is a benefit to kicking each others' arses as Reds supporters fight over one freaking ticket. You know how guys avoid the sale rack when they're shopping because there's usually more than two people rummaging through it? Taking the same approach against 99 fellow rabid fans might be a good idea.
[This is London]

Although I agree with AC about the lack of variety in viewing options for arguably the biggest final in the world, at least we get the game over here. I'm actually surprised this guy got six months. [Reuters]


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