Sunday, April 29, 2007

To The SPL, With A Bullet

One of the truly epic achievements of the last couple of years has been made by Scotland's Gretna FC. In the last five years, the club has gone from the Unibond League in the north of England to the Premier League in Scotland. Next season's SPL newcomers, who edged out St Johnstone on a dramatic final day of the season with a last-minute winner against Ross County, were only admitted to senior football in Scotland in the summer of 2002.

Making news as well has been the close-to $20M that bookmakers had to pay out yesterday as Gretna won the Scottish First Division by one point. Said a bookie: "The accumulator bets which include Gretna will mean colossal payouts." 20 mil sounds pretty colossal to me.

Gretna plan next phase after delirious drama [Scotsman]
£10Million Gretna Greet AS Bookies Take Bashing [Glasgow Sunday Mail]


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