Friday, April 20, 2007

The Grab: 04.20

Baros: Obviously Racist
We all know that there really should be no place for racism in soccer, but things seem to be getting ridiculous as Stephane M'Bia of Rennes claims he'll never forgive Lyon and former-Liverpool striker Milan Baros for racist abuse. Now, we probably will never know what the Czech international said to the M'Bia, but the important thing is that the Cameroonian left with hurt feelings. There, there, everything will be ok . . . you stinky bastard. [ESPN Soccernet]

Arguably the team with the most attacking style of play in the Bundesliga, Werder Bremen, come back from 0-1 to beat Alemannia Aachen to go the top of the table, albeit until Schalke play on Saturday. Schalke, Stuttgart and Bayern Munich round out the top four. [Reuters]

El Gordo II has been banned for taking a bit of a dive against Roma on Wednesday, and in typical Adriano fashion, he compounded his thespianship by tying one on and missing training the day after. Check it out here. [Eurosport, The Offside]

Despite playing for Spurs, you have to wonder how Dmitar Berbatov escaped attention in the PFA Player of the Year nominations. The Bulgarian's done well to partner with Robbie Keane and his ego, all the while maintaining elegant play. [ITV Football]


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