Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Grab: 04.19

It looks like Rio Ferdinand may be worth something, if perhaps not his record-breaking transfer fee, or intelligent contribution to public radio. It makes sense, to 10 Downing Street at least, since the current cause of much of Britain's street crime is due to "young black kids", and hey, Rio's got a little punk bro that fits that description. [Guardian Unlimited]

There's a lot of the usual speculation going around, especially after Arsene Wenger's buddy David Dein has now left the Gunners in a snit. Remember Wenger's assertion that the maintainence of English ownership and English traditions are key to a winning culture in North London? I guess DD didn't feel the same way. Could we see the end of the Professor's time at Arsenal? Not so, says the gaffer. [Daily Telegraph, Fox Sports Australia]

It's not just Gemma Atkinson that Cristiano Ronaldo's twinkletoes are making happy , but El Diez himself. Thankfully, Pele is there to temper the plaudits of Diego's verbal love, and maybe he can convince the Argentine great to deal with his alcohol problem. [The Sun,]

Mike Newell's probably ripping up his P45 in a rage, as Jacqui Oatley makes her debut as the first female commentator on MoTD. [SJA]


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