Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Grab: 04.18

The Beast tells us the real reason why he's struggled to adapt to the English game. And I always thought it was because his first touch sucked. [Times Online]

And let the bombastic speculation begin. Double D's shock departure from North London sparks a bit of the English media's favorite thing, which we all know is talking complete and utter shit while masking what little legitimate journalism is actually being done. [Reuters]

Keano finally opens his mouth to reveal he may be getting ahead of himself a bit. [Daily Mail]

Thought Jose had it made being the highest paid gaffer? Think again. While the Special One has to deal with Roman Abramovich's manipulating, the weight of expectation that accompanies leading the Yankees of the EPL, and oh my, the English weather (see above), he also has to operate in the knowledge that Svennis makes more than half of what he does for doing nothing. Unless you count nailing perma-tanned Eurotrash cougars. [The Offside]


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