Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Grab: 04.17

We knew the Champions League meant the gulf between the top tier and mid-table in the domestic leagues was pretty large, but it certainly pays to be the winner. Enough to buy one Ukranian striker, apparently, which should make the Blues want to recoup their losses even more. [EUFootball.biz]

While Liverpool gaffer Rafa Benitez may have turned down Real Madrid, there is one aspect of being the main man at Anfield that he doesn't like, namely his daughter picking up the er, sweet strains of a Scouse accent. I can understand the man's concern, especially after finding a Burberry baseball cap and various other chav accessories in her room. [The Offside]

Got 90 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, desperate to buy a piece of polyester to separate yourself from the screaming hordes of idiots wearing (insert Superbowl Champion here) and (insert NCAA Football Champion here) jersies? Well, here's what to expect for next year. [EPL Talk]

Having just become engaged to Mrs. BL, I'm a bit upset that I didn't know about this lovely piece of jewelry before I spent my money. Now, I know some of us have some of Josten's finest hidden somewhere in a drawer (If it's still on your hand or on a chain on your neck, please refrain from reading this blog. Ever. ), but this is pure class. [Who Ate All the Pies?]

We now know that the poignant hug shared by Messrs. Abramovich and Mourinho was more an accident, a coincidence if you will, rather than a meaningful embrace. And to think that Roman was busy wooing Jurgen Klinsmann shortly beforehand has got to sting a little bit for the Special One. Or was that something else? [Leftback]


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