Monday, April 02, 2007

The Grab: 04.02

What is it with German goalkeepers nearing the end of their careers? Ollie Kahn, feeling inadequate with Jens Lehmann's track record this year (the only keeper to be suspended due to yellow cards in the Premiership) decided to display some of his own skills, as Bayern Munich pretty much showed why Schalke's been pretending all this time. [Guardian, Herald]

Much like an election in corruption-ridden developing nations, Sepp Blatter stands as the only candidate for the top spot at FIFA, ensuring the incumbent will remain in his post as president and all-knowing jackass king of world soccer, that is until some teams decide to break away and do their own thing. [Reuters, Red Issue]

WAG Update: Wazza's lady Coleen threw an amazing 21st birthday bash. For those of you (pretty much all of us Yanks) unfamiliar with Chav culture (read: White Trash from across the pond), check out this site. [Kickette, ChavScum]

Ever watched Airline on A&E and just felt so bad for the poor Southwest Airlines' employees that have to deal with the numerous pieces of crap that fly the Greyhound in the sky? Well, imagine being an attendant working the away game flights for for soccer fans on EasyJet.
[Who Ate All The Pies?]


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