Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Grab: 03.29

"He woke up at 0230 and he insulted me" Diego Maradona remains in a Buenos Aires hospital under sedation after a little too much drinking, eating and smoking. Apparently the FIFA Best Player of the Century has been dealing with family problems and turned to his favorite vices (but not drugs!) in a bout of depression, something that England fans can relate to. Our best wishes to El Diez. [Reuters India]

Speaking of the Three Lions, Barry Glendenning returns just in time to tell us why some England fans get what they give. [Guardian Sport Blog]

Sir Alex gets a run-out on Al Gore's all-star team, focused on the former President's war on climate change. The Man U gaffer and perennial defender of Cristiano Ronaldo was among 150 people assembled to hear Gore give his presentation from An Inconvenient Truth and to hopefully spread the word. Perhaps a gas-guzzler tax on the players carpark? [Red Issue]

Frank Ribery fuels the flames (again) surrounding his imminent move to North London, and reportedly has come to a verbal agreement with Arsene Wenger that should see the Marseilles man come to Emirates Stadium in the summer. [Times Online]


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