Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Grab: 03.22

Phwoar!!! Cor, blimey!!!!
Some girls simply exist as arm candy for football's elite players, but other have bigger ambitions, like ex-Miss Great Britain, WAG-wannabe and now Premiership doorknob Danielle Lloyd. Perhaps she should watch a little more footy rather than flaunt her booty at the lads, considering she seems to be going down the pecking order of strikers, rather than up. First the octogenarian Teddy Sheringham, then onto West Ham and Chelsea throwaway Carlton Cole, and now Marcus Bent. At least she's smart enough to keep it in London. [The Sun]

And while we're on the topic of footballers and their floozies, the ladies at Kickette give us the four-one-one on just how Becks cheated on poor Vicki with Rebecca Loos. I have to say, despite the man-jaw, the former assistant/nanny/groupie looks decent in a bikini. [Kickette]

It's killing me that as I post this, I still haven't seen what this poor lass even looks like (thanks corporate IT). Given the amount of times this story comes up in my daily soccer research (read: killing time at the cesspool that is my office), it must be good or really, really bad. [Deadspin]

And, per usual, some YouTube goodies. [Guardian Sport Blog]


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