Friday, March 09, 2007

The Grab: 03.09

The hotel was nice . . . they had lots of ketchup and USA Today
I try to avoid USA Today like I try to avoid all the SMiA groupies that hang on our every word (with the exception of Mrs. BL and Mrs. AC who rank us right behind Gawker, eHarmony and that Burger King submissive chicken as their third favorite website). I do however, appreciate its existence, pie-charts and dumbed down reporting and all, when I find myself in a foreign hotel, desparate to find a baseball score. So imagine my surprise when the nation's favorite complimentary newspaper ran a little piece on the Champions League draw for the next round.
[USA Today]

My favorite time of year: chasing 3rd place
The Gunners' pursuit of a Champions League spot for next year took a blow today when skipper and last year's top scorer Thierry Henry was ruled out for the remainder of the season. Battling worsening sciatica, a foot injury and a general lack of fitness in the aftermath of France's run up to losing the World Cup Final, Henry's usual form has more or less been nonexistent this year. Gooners have had to cope without him, utilizing Gilberto Silva as their captain in the Frenchman's absence and relying on their youth up front to account for the lack of TH14's goals.

The loss of Robin van Persie (still the leading Arsenal scorer) dealt a major blow Arsene Wenger and the FA turned the knife a bit more, handing Emmanuel Adebayor an additional one-match ban and a nearly $15K fine for his dramatic raging after erroneously being sent off in the League Cup Final. With the exception of most of last year, never has fourth place looked so inviting for the Gunners (if I write that sentence again next year, put me out of my misery).
[RTE, SportingLIfe]

It's always me, isn't it?
Roberto Carlos thinks it's time for a change , especially after gifting Bayern Munich a goal just ten seconds from the start of Real Madrid's loss last week that saw them exit the European competition. Apparently, the former Brazilian World Cup winner feels he doesn't deserve the "suffering" of being blamed for his mistake. Suffering? He should talk to his equally-over the hill compatriot Emerson. [BBC Football]

You're not the best, Jose
$55M Ukrainian striker Andriy Shevchenko feels like a pawn. Or so a German website claims, but the former Milan striker is claiming he never gave the interview and dismisses it as rubbish. Thankfully, reputable websites reporting on this are kind enough to list the details of Sheva's fictional comments. No word on whether anyone's informed Sheva that he's a footballer and therefore automatically a pawn in so many ways. [ESPN Soccernet]


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