Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Grab: 03.01

In a stunning U-Turn of national stereotypes, Austria and Switzerland urge caution
That's right, the poorly-thought out Euro 2008 mascots (they're supposed to evoke the Alps) are back in the news, with the beginning of online ticket sales. 33% will go to online sales, and the remaining allotment will be split among the participating national associations (38%) and official sponsors (14%), with the rest going to various cronies and friends of Jack Warner. You can apply for tickets online from now until March 31 2007. Check it out here. []

I wasted throwing my mobile at a player from a mid-table team . . .
Enough with pointing to Spain as the perennial underachievers. I think we've finally discovered what they're exceptionally gifted at (besides bullfighting, tapas, the SEAT Ibiza, and that darned nationalistic fly Mrs. BL swears by). If Luis Figo's return to Camp Nou after his switch to Real Madrid is any indication, the Spaniards are quite good at throwing missiles. Sure, they may not have the primal nature of Italy's ultras or the organization of the rest of Europe's anti-Semites, but they can sure throw a bottle or two. The excellent Sid Lowe explains how it's nothing new, and hey, something else from GU about chucking crap onto the pitch. [Guardian Unlimited]

Liar, Liar, Graham Poll's hamstring's on fire
Arsene Wenger hasn't been charged by the FA in a while, and what better opportunity to make that happen than immediately after getting knocked out your second cup competition in less than a week? As a Yank, I find the fact that AW, or any manager for that matter can come under fire for simply something said. I know we hand out fines here in the US for provocative statements, with Mark Cuban probably leading the way, but how can you not get angry (especially if you're a Frenchman) when you hear this:

Questioning the integrity of a match official and accusing them of lying is a very serious claim to make as it questions the whole integrity of the game," an FA statement said. "We also reject any accusations of bias or dishonesty within our disciplinary system. We will be asking Arsène Wenger to explain these comments."

I guess that's one thing that Mourinho and Wenger (and Paul Jewell) share, a grievous lack of respect for those fine men who patrol the pitch in their little shorts and flags. [Times Online]

Perhaps we will consider if your women players wear bikinis . . .
Sepp Blatter puts the kibosh on England's bid to host the 2018 World Cup. Something about FIFA's rotational policy could jeopardize Chancellor Gordon Brown's attempt to give the Three Lions a leg up in the quadrennial competition. With the aging baby-boomer population as the last to see England win a meaningful competition, this has to hurt a bit. And perhaps fans prefer to get glassed by small travelling groups of Brits instead of in the birthplace of soccer.
[Daily Telegraph]

Speaking of bikinis, I hear they fit her like a big, oversized robe . . . .
I, for one, have always wanted to see the secret lives of celebrities. I wonder what side of the toilet Victoria Beckham purges from. I wonder how often the topic of Ockham's Razor or nuclear proliferation comes up in her discussions with Goldenballs. Is Brooklyn not allowed to jump on Posh, for fear of hearing something snap, ala Djibril Cisse? Well, now I don't have to wait
[ABC News]


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